#Powerintheland #Artist – Ant Dickenson: GEIGER COUNTERS #1


His response to the experience of visiting Wylfa and taking numerous sound recordings is a sound sculpture in which a series of manipulated Geiger counters are ‘played’ as electronic musical instruments. Altering the circuitry produces varying tones and pitches and the removal of diodes and replacement of resistors and capacitors with different values allows sustained sounds and different pitches of clicks to be produced.

Based around the idea of giving a voice to measurable radiation and attempting to control something unpredictable, this piece involves programmed motorised rails used to control the distance of test sources from the Geiger tubes. The closer the test source, the greater the reading and therefore the denser the audible oscillations from the Geiger counter circuitry. The proximity of the test sources is automated via an Arduino and a custom patch written within MaxMsp software.


Image shows Ant Dickinson’s work ‘Hacked Geiger Counters #1’ A geiger counter with altered electronics/Sound, 2016 at Bay Arts in Cardiff.


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