Prof Barbara Adam on Power in the Land

Prof Barbara Adam, former Sociology professor at Cardiff University has written extensively on nuclear issues and the environment. Here is what she has to say about Power in the Land after visiting the exhibition and our talks and screening at Chapter.

An exhibition event of extraordinary power that makes the invisible visible: feelings, facts and fears. Each piece moves, evokes emotional responses and raises profound questions. Collectively, the art works address paradoxes about current practices and potential impacts associated with nuclear power. The exhibition confronts viewers with a stunningly beautiful landscape burdened by a legacy that is out of step with human timescales of concern and responsibility structures in politics and law. It does this without taking sides, without judgement, without moralising and is the more powerful for it. Power in the Land leaves a lasting impression about the complexities and contradictions associated with this form of power in the land: seductive fairy castle images of Wylfa, minimalist representations of secrecy in a context of aspired transparency, poignant voices of the people living there, all further enhanced by the discussion event that followed this moving and unforgettable experience.


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