Digital Ecologies and the Anthropocene


The symposium aimed to unravel the claim of ‘clean’ and ‘virtual’ technologies by tracing their material realities which are made up of complex meshes of human and non-human moving parts.

Ele Carpenter kicked the day off with a great overview of the issues addressed by artists working in this area. The presentations that followed addressed such themes as the Anthropocene and forms of waste, political, social and ecological strategies, and deep time and new temporalities. A number of artists’ films were shown afterwards but I didn’t see all of them, due to time.

It was a provocative and interesting day, and for anyone interested there is a call for Practice for an online publication ‘Screenworks’ (deadline 30 September 2017). Email:  for further information.

For a fuller programme and contacts see



One thought on “Digital Ecologies and the Anthropocene

  1. Great that you made it to this Annie. Maybe some of the ideas will find their way into your residency work in Chile!

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