Greycroft Stone Circle, May 7th 2017



“Radioactive Art”, which was first broadcast on radio 4 Thursday 2nd March, ends in an interview with Ele Carpenter  standing in a stone circle at the outskirts of the Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing facility in Cumbria. This inspired me to make a journey over to Cumbria to seek out this site and make some work there.

The weather was glorious,  the action pictured above resulted in serious sunburn! As expected, we attracted the attention of the Nuclear Defence Constabulary who were very polite and extremely thorough in their background checks. It is an interesting test of communication skills explaining why it is important for to you to carry a handmade loom across the fields to a stone circle in order to weave recycled copper wire in the sight of Sellafield……




One thought on “Greycroft Stone Circle, May 7th 2017

  1. This reminds me of my photograph of the three standing stones in Llanfechell with Wylfa in the background. I love this sweep of time that it forces in us – the ancient history and the future legacy of nuclear. Awesome, as you say.

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