Power In The Land Research Residency @ACAAllenheads – Allenheads Contemporary Arts in Northumberland.

Following the recent success of delivering Power In The Land as a touring exhibition and publication – last week we took up residence at Allenheads Contemporary Arts, a rural arts centre in Northumberland.  As a group of artists who live geographically far away from each other in the UK and abroad, meeting together at ACA gave us the opportunity to re group, evaluate and discuss plans for further developing the project.


Image shows Allenheads village set within the North Pennines landscape

Allenheads is a rural and industrial landscape in the North Pennines, which is located far away from Wylfa Nuclear Power Station in Anglesey – which was the starting focus for Power In The Land as a project back in 2014. Meeting in a different environment and away from the now decommissioned nuclear power station allowed us to objectively reflect on our interests in revisiting Wylfa and Anglesey as a nuclear landscape, as well as talk about how we can bring in influences from our wider art practices.

The residency centred around each of us giving presentations about our own research and the work that we have been producing as artists alongside Power In The Land whilst also allowing time for questions and constructive conversation amongst the group. On the other days we discussed the strengths and criticisms of producing Power In The Land as a body of work, whilst reflecting on the outcome of the exhibition tour and the practicalities of how we could further work together as a group of artists. Informal conversation continued during cooking meals and exploring the wild industrial landscape of Allenheads.

Power In The Land will now take the form of a research platform while we develop the next phase of the project.  Thanks to our ACA hosts (www.acart.org.uk) Alan Smith and Helen Ratcliffe.


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