Landscape / Evidence / Roundtable


I was recently invited to participate in Landscape  / Evidence / Roundtable at Kingston University @Kingstonschoolofart put together by Matthew Flintham, artist and phd researcher and included speakers Artist Kate Fahey Architect Christoph Lueder  and Artist and  Curator Nick Fergusson 

It was an interesting set of presentations and discussions – I presented about Power In The Land,  speaking about my approach to making work on the Horizon Nuclear Power site at Wylfa and negotiating access etc. I showed a section of my film Orange Buckets .

Conversation covered nuclear power, security zones, military land, spectatorship of internet, materiality of operational footage from freely accessible military / state controlled cctv / footage and drones. Non regular systems of urban typographies, social housing and off grid communities. As well as the physicality of airspace and thinking about the wheel well space inside long haul aircrafts and the transfer of fauna, people and whatever else as in these non places. After the presentations we realised that ‘as artists / researchers it was the act of finding the weak link or way in or playing the system to get to our subject matter’ that we all had in common, as well as the desire to get in places when they are fenced off – so the act of the fence as both a physical barrier and an enticing challenge. 


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